About Us

Amaprecision manufacturing technology (wuxi) co., LTD is located in Huishan economic development zone of Wuxi city in Jiangsu province, It has a R&D management team composed of several managers and senior engineers who have worked in the world's top 500 enterprises and famous domestic research institutes ,  committed to the development and manufacture of high precision, high reliability equipment and tooling. Our design innovation in electronics, semiconductor, medical, printing coating and other industries have been widely used.
We are unwavering in our commitment to helping our customers succeed, and this sense of mission to innovate and opportunity for change motivates us every day. We are very clear about how the risks we are taking lay the foundation for our clients' future success and progress.
Company mission: fully committed to promoting the continuous progress of manufacturing technology.
Company culture: Forward thinking, Listening, Preciseness, Self-discipline.